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With the date 22/02/2022, the world hits an unprecedented milestone. With the number 2 sticking in the date, the weekday on which the milestone is being touched is also the second day of the week. This unique pattern is impossible to miss hence why we have dedicated this day to Baffa Jones, Sanaamuziki and Samuel Sea. These incredible artists are no longer with us but will forever be remembered. This compilation consists of 100 rare and familiar tracks produced by the artists.

Kanzen Records has lost it's most prolific artist Baffa Jones aka Mawande in 2021 through Covid-19 leaving the Record Label, Dance Music Fraternity and Especially His Family devastated. This special release of music by Baffa Jones spans over 10 years of music by him.


Baffa Jones


Baffa Jones has always been synonymous with rhythm and dance floor leveling tunes or soul shaking music, he's releases are regular chart toppers with mad love for his music by DJs across the globe.

A soulful individual, with an affinity for the deep musical art. Influenced growing up by Hip Hop and reggae, Jones found House music more by mistake, than by design. As they say, what a happy mistake. He drove more of a house sound that baffles many in definition and preferred the people to judge for themselves as to what it is.

In his own words :

'As soon as I hear the thumping heaviness of a kick drum, I go crazy on a song. Unlike a lot of people I realized late, that this was something that I was good at and that I wanted to do. That said I did music at school, majoring on the piano and recorder (but don't ask him to read music lol). I played most of the classical material, but now I just do anything and everything with a song. People tend to label my sound and that's fine, I don't mind, but I'm' neither Afro composer nor Deep Tech musician. I'm first and foremost a House Music aficionado'

Many of his real accomplishments when it comes to music had been very underground. Managing to win over greats such as Casamena, Rocco, Ralf Gum, Jerome Sydenham, Manoo and Clive Bean to name but a few. Now he easily stand alongside these and outshines them on most occasions.


We Will Always Love You - Rest In Peace B

In 2018 we lost the incredible Sanaamuziki who’s contribution to Kanzen Records is unrivalled and he presented us with astonishing releases that have raised the bar on many genres. His talents were impeccable as he is the only artists to release every single submission sent to us. We were privileged to have worked with you and we will dearly miss you, no words can express that.

RIP Sanaamuziki

The passing of Samuel Sea left a deep wound in us as he frequently dished out pulsating releases under Kanzen Records! With his deep rhythms, baselines, smooth synths and African beats in his music he’s versatility grabbed many audiences across the globe. We lost one remarkable human being and we are forever grateful for all his contributions.

RIP Samuel Sea

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